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Pam McGinnis Portraits Fundraising Package

Every community seems to have a building that they have restored and are proud of it, or that they have had to tear down and are sick about it. Possibly urban renewal may have changed the look of your Main Street, but you have fond childhood memories of the way it use to be.

Use that image and those cherished memories to raise funds for your community or restoration project by offering a memorable, signed and numbered limited edition art print.

My name is Pam McGinnis, and I am an artist from Carroll, Iowa. I have built a solid reputation for drawing highly detailed portraits and producing fine quality art prints. I would like to offer you this profitable custom-made fundraising opportunity. All you need to do is provide me with a clear photo of the image you would like to have drawn, and I can create an art print made specifically for your community or project. When matted, these art prints fit easily into a standard 11”x 14” frame – no need for custom framing.

This Art Print Fundraising Package is designed to provide you with a custom made work of art without the commitment of large volume purchasing. The beauty of this package is that you may decide to have, for example, 300 limited edition prints made, but you are not required to purchase all 300 prints. You purchase the original drawing and the first 50 prints. Later, if the demand is high, you may purchase more prints. You can buy small amounts and not get “stuck” with a lot of prints.

Fundraising success stories include the community of Templeton, Iowa, who celebrated their Quasquicentennial in 2007, and commissioned an art print which showed their Main Street as it looked in 1910. At a New Year’s Eve fundraising party, they auctioned their #1 print for $1000 and their #2 print for $750. Mt. Carmel, Iowa, will soon lose their school, built in 1909, but have commissioned me to do an art print in order to preserve its memory. They are currently taking advance orders and offering a discount to early birds.

Enclosed is a price breakdown and answers to some commonly asked questions. If you are curious to see other examples of my artwork, check out my website at

This fundraiser has proven very successful in several communities in Iowa. Call or e-mail me today to place your order. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Pam McGinnis

Address: 2040 N. Main St.
Carroll, IA 51401
Phone: 712-792-2243

Price List


  • 1 Original drawing, matted and framed

  • 50 Signed and numbered, limited edition prints (1 framed, 24 matted and 25 unmatted)

  • The #1 print will be matted and framed

  • Prints #2 through #25 will be matted, neatly packaged and ready for sale

  • Prints #26 through #50 will be neatly packaged with chipboard for stability

  • All framing and matting materials are conservation quality

The basic package will generate a minimum profit, for your organization, of $750. Selling the original drawing and the #1 print at a live auction or raffle can easily increase the potential profit.

500 postcards, with an image of your print, announcing the availability of the prints and any fundraising events you may have scheduled.

Commonly Asked Questions

What if we would like to purchase additional prints?
Additional prints can be purchased for $15 each. Matted prints are $25 each. Additional prints must be ordered in lots of 20.

What is the suggested retail price?
Suggested retail price is $25 for prints and $45 for matted prints. Framed prints typically sell for $95, but the #1 print should carry a much higher value. The original drawing is valued at $550. Auctions or raffles increase the potential profit. At a fundraising auction, Templeton, Iowa, sold their #1 print for $1000 and their #2 print for $750. Their original was privately purchased.

What size is it?
The print size measures 9” x 12”. When matted, the print easily fits into a standard 11”x14” sized frame. No custom framing.

Is it available in color?
No. The original drawing is done in pencil and the prints are black and white.

What do you need from us?
I need a clear photo of one building or one scene to be drawn. (The above prices do not apply to composite drawings.) The selected photo will be subject to my approval. A good, clear photo will help me to draw fine details that create a memorable drawing. I would also like to consult with your committee to decide the sales potential and together we will determine the size of the limited edition.

Pam McGinnis, Artist
Address: 2040 N. Main St. Phone: 712-792-2243
Carroll, IA 51401


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