Here are some drawings that are not currently available as reproductions.  Let me know what you think.  Give me some feedback and if there is enough positive response, I will create reproductions and offer them for sale.

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After I completed this piece, I looked into his face and immediately saw sadness.  But others seem to find many different emotions and qualities in this very moving and powerful pastel drawing - strength, hope, longing, determination and loneliness are just a few.  This piece won Best of Show at the Fine Art Exhibition at the Iowa State Fair. 


Sarah's Puzzled
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Sarah is my daughter and she has a slight frown as though she is contemplating the placement of the next puzzle piece.  The bit of shine on the edges of each piece, the combination of three dimension (her hand) and two dimension (the remainder of the drawing) and other fine details can only be truly appreciated when examining this drawing in person.


Pheasant Season
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This Springer Spaniel has done his job well.  Pheasant hunting is very popular in the Midwest where I grew up, and seeing this drawing takes me back to a time when it was a tradition in my family to gather together on the first day of pheasant season.






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